Intensive Courses

Driving-lessons-and-new-driverIntensive courses are becoming more and more popular. they are ideal for people who want to pass the driving test quickly rather than spending months having a weekly one hour lesson. They are also cost effective and will probably save you some money in the long run. The intensive courses are based over between 1-10 weeks to suit you the individual.

The courses that are based over one week (otherwise known as a crash course) can be spread over up to 7 days, with the driving test on the final day. Intensive 1 week courses are not suited for everyone as some people find them stressful and prefer the semi intensive courses, as learning to drive in just one week is demanding. One week courses are mostly suited to people who are confident and are not overly nervous about driving.

Semi intensive courses are a more popular and successful option. Its based over 2 – 10 weeks to suit your schedule. For example if it was spread over 6 weeks you would have 5 hours of driving lessons per week building up to the test on the final week. These lessons can be fit in whenever you are free and worked around work or college commitments. The semi intensive┬ácourses are designed for people to pass the test quickly but at a more relaxed pace. This way is less stressful but will still learn you to drive in a short space of time.